Monday, May 30, 2011

Classic Sweet Tutu

I brought some tutus up to take pictures of them and Madrone wanted to wear one.  :-) I had an Adult Tutu, a Teen, a Newborn and thankfully a Toddler tutu.  She really wanted to wear the Adult Tinkerbell Inspired tutu, but I had to break the sad news to her that a size 38" waist just wouldn't fit her.  Instead she got to wear the Classic Sweet Tutu.

She reminds me of a mix between Shirley Temple and Marilyn Monroe in the b&w.

Hybrid Elmo Inspired Tutu

The Tassio's came to visit.  It was Layla's 2nd birthday.  She LOVES Elmo so I made her an Elmo inspired tutu.  She wanted nothing to do with it, but thankfully her big sister Gianna was all about modeling it for me.  :-)

Luke, Gianna and Madrone are getting down and dirty on the rock pile.  Tutus are great for EVERY occasion, even ones where you get really dirty!  They were covered in rock dust.  I had to take Madrone straight to the bath when we went inside.