Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Moxie Glass Company Straws

My husband always thought it was ridiculous that I used a plastic straw with my mason jar cup when I told him the reason I liked using my jar cup was because it was glass and therefore did not leach any chemicals into my beverage, PLUS it was better for the environment.  I did major in Environmental Studies for goodness sakes!  ;o)  He is absolutely right that it is a little silly I was not also using glass straws.  I knew they were out there so I did a little research to see what I could find.  There are actually quite a few different places you can purchase glass straws, just as there are thousands of people who make tutus and hundreds who make mason jar cups.  I was perusing the glass straws on Etsy and fell in LOVE with the critter straws made by Melissa of Many Mini'sShe owns Moxie Glass Company in Fort Collins, CO.  Melissa and I got to chatting, as I LOVE to do, and we decided to start working together.  She is going to be supplying me with straws and I am going to be supplying her lids for mason jar cups.  She actually is a VERY talented glass blower and offers many other unique glass creations at very reasonable prices.  You have to check out her art!  I just found that she has a Pinterest page too, but I have YET to get into Pinterest.  I hear from MANY people it is addicting, but between my girls, the goats, chickens, teaching part time, my hobby/side job- Jeni Harvey Designs, I just can't find the time to check out one more thing!  Anyway, if you are looking for the most adorable, custom glass straw to go with your mason jar cup, I know just the lady to help you out.  :o)  Or if you decide to get a straw with your cup from me, stay tuned as I should be carrying her straws very soon!!