Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lily's (Smash the Cake) 1st Birthday Session

A FABULOUS photographer in Spring Texas, Lauren Gaines, purchased two tutus from me. The first one was an Extra Full Hybrid Fall Tutu.  After waiting two weeks and over 100 Etsy conversations later, we finally deemed the tutu lost and I made and shipped her a new one.  She received the new tutu and a few days later the first tutu showed up.  Turns out her post office had it delivered it to the wrong house!  When she asked her postman about it he said he hadn't seen it but then he noticed it in the wrong bin after talking to her!

She ordered a second tutu for her daughter, an Extra Full Hybrid Lily Tutu.  It was for her first birthday.  I shipped that one delivery confirmation the first time around and it arrived within two days, just like it should shipping from California to Texas.  Lauren had a vision for Lily's first birthday party and she captured this vision BEAUTIFULLY on camera.  Here is a collage she made me from the pics I chose from her website.  Check it out, the pics AMAZING!

Now, not only do I have some wonderful photos of my tutus being used, but I have made a new friend in Spring Texas.  Thanks Lauren for your purchases and allowing me to use your photos!  Hope to make some more tutus for adorable Miss Lily and I hope to meet you in person some day!!