Photography has become a very rewarding hobby. I learn so much each time I pick up my camera and take photos. It started because I realized the importance of capturing time using photographs of my children. They grow so quickly and my memory is so bad that seeing images from different stages of their life helps me recall that time.

Recently I have been asked by some friends to photograph their families and also to photograph an engagement session as well as a few weddings!  If you are interested to see any of the photos I have taken for other people, links are below. There is also a link for a 30 Day Photography Challenge that I did with my teaching partner as well as a couple of my personal albums.  Of course, you can see some of my tutu photos on my "Home" page.

Somebody I met at a recent craft fair told me that for a post to show up on a search engine, it has to have at least 300 words. So, I am going to write some more...

Photography for me is two-fold. I really enjoy taking pictures, seeing what I can come up with when I edit them and also the happiness it brings to people means so much to me. I can hear my mentor, Lisa Richmond of Lisa Richmond Photography, saying capture the moments. My favorite shots are the ones that do not look totally staged. I do my best to try to get shots in action that look natural and also get some when you least expect it. Natural lighting is where I have the most experience, ok, where I have the ONLY experience. ;o)

If you like my photography and live close to me, I would be honored to do a photo session for you and your family. You can contact me by email or call. Thanks for taking the time to look at my work.


Derek and Ping Engagement Photos- November 8, 2011

Day with the Dogs- May 23, 2011


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