Sunday, November 26, 2017

My girls are tweens!

Years have gone by since I have posted.  I got so busy with life that I let my website domain name lapse.  Some company from somewhere in Asia took it over and I cannot figure out how to get them to relinquish so I can have it as my website again.  Oh well...

In the scheme of things, this really is trivial.  What matters most is that I have an amazing career as an educator, my daughters, now 7 and 9 are healthy and happy and are beginning to find what makes them tick.  Both girls play piano and are in the school band this year.  Madrone is playing clarinet and Scarlet is playing percussion.  Madrone has found swim to be her passion and Scarlet loves soccer.  She is giving her hand at basketball this year so we shall see how that goes.

Since both girls share a room, and will always share a room, it was long overdue that we got them out of the hand-me-down bunk bed from my younger brothers and create a shared space that created a bit of privacy for them as well as giving them each their "own" parts of the room.  The girls and I searched on Pinterest and came up with the general model of two twin beds end to end.  The rest sort of morphed as the project went on.  We started Veteran's Day weekend and finished the day after Thanksgiving.  I was happy to have my living room back, where the girls slept on their twin mattresses, as well as our patio which was covered with construction materials for the duration of the build.

The room, fully outfitted with IKEA purchases.  IKEA is
a bit modern for our liking, which is why I wanted to keep
some of the natural wood color.  I am so excited how it
turned out.  The girls are as well!
Scarlet's space

Madrone's space

View from Madrone's space.  The couch doubles as a full size
guest bed.

Madrone's bed

Scarlet's bed

Reading lights from IKEA

View down the beds.  We will eventually hang a curtain
between the two beds.  We originally planned for a wall,
but decided they would not like having to go down to get to each other's beds.

Hanging lights over their desks/couch from IKEA

3/4 inch steel pipe that we spray painted silver for their hand rails

Same 3/4 inch steel pipe for safety bars

Ladders are movable and are fastened to the steel bar with hooks
that Jack welded.
Curtain rods from IKEA.  Just waiting to borrow a sewing machine
so I can sew their curtains.
Semi-flush mount light from Amazon

IKEA has everything you might need.  There was a 12" x 16"
vacant spot in the corner of Madrone's side next to the bookshelf
and her desk.  Found this gem of a table in the bathroom section. 
It even had a bamboo top just like their desks!
Can't forget about the ratties!!

Peanut, one of the ratties saying, "Hello."

An Aunt Pat original gifted to the girls.
A Gigi Hotelling original gifted to me by my Gramma
several years ago.  It looks GREAT in the girls' room!

Some of the girls' original art work on either side of the center picture.

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