Friday, January 28, 2011

It begins...

Wedding Tutu
Three and a half years have gone by since my wedding.  A huge black garbage bag was full of orange tulle just wanting to be used.  I finally found a use for it and repurposed the tulle into an extra full "Whimsical" tutu.  The "Wedding Tutu" is 22 inches long and drags on the ground when Madrone wears it.  After making this tutu, I decided to open Pretty Tutus for You.

I find making tutus therapeutic after a day at work teaching Prep-K and after getting Scarlet and Madrone to bed.  I also just LOVE the way they make a child feel and how cute he/she looks wearing one.  Yes, boys may want to wear them too.  One of my students in my class put on the Wedding tutu and was twirling around the room in delight.

Little did I know how much time and energy went into creating a "shop" even for something as simple as tutus.  The business cards, order forms and blog are still a work in progress.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I hope I can make many people happy with a pretty tutu.  Remember, tutus are NOT just for children. 


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